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Companion Parrots Re-Homed

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Sponsor a Special Parrot

All of the parrots at CPR are waiting to find new, loving homes, but some have been waiting longer than others. Moe has lived at CPR since 2006 and has ongoing monthly prescription expenses. Stormy has been with us since 2007, Poe & Gipper since 2008 and Ms. Bosley since 2009. While all of the birds at CPR are loved and treated equally, the birds in our Sponsor program require additional financial resources, either because of their long term residence or their medical needs. By becoming a sponsor, you can help defray these costs and directly help the parrot you choose.

If you can't adopt, but feel a connection to a special bird, or if you're looking for a unique gift, a memorial for a loved one who has passed, or just want to help CPR financially, please consider sponsoring a parrot.

3-Month Sponsor
6-Month Sponsor
12-Month Sponsor
Set up your secure, monthly donations by credit card, or print the Sponsor Form to donate by check.

Choose the parrot you want to sponsor (click to read their story)
Carpe, Blue Crowned Conure  Kahlua, Hahn's Macaw
Captain Jack, Blue Crowned Conure Poe, Nanday Conure
Bosley, Blue & Gold Macaw 

Choose your sponsor level
3 month sponsor: 3 monthly donations of $50. Total commitment $150
6 month sponsor: 6 monthly donations of $45. Total commitment $270
12 month sponsor: 12 monthly donations of $40. Total commitment $480

Sponsors will receive
  • A tax deductible donation receipt
  • A thank you photo and story of your bird
  • Your name on a special Sponsor Thank You plaque at Parrot University*
  • Your name on our website*
Sponsorship of a bird does not affect the adoption process in any way. Sponsors will be notified in the event that their sponsored bird is adopted or passes away and will be provided with an option to continue the term of their sponsorship with a new bird of their choosing. The Board of Directors shall have sole discretion to disperse Sponsorship funds for the care of the specified bird or any other bird. Sponsors may sponsor multiple parrots, and a parrot may have more than one sponsor. Sponsorship does not, in any way, grant the sponsor legal claim, rights, or ownership of any kind to said parrot(s).

*Acknowledgement begins on the first of the month following your first donation. Sponsors may select full name, first name only, business, gift, in honor of, or remain anonymous. To specify a listing other than name submitted with donation, please email to or send the Sponsor Form.

If this is a gift or memorial, please send name and address for mailing acknowledgement to

Thank You to This Month's Sponsors

Mary Dwyer-Poe
The Grubbs Family-Kahlua & Carpe
Karina Skrypnyk - Carpe
In honor of Big Moe - Bosley & Jake
Karen Lynch - Bosley
Super Ninja Ghost Squad - Captain Jack
Katie and Ryllie's Creations: Carpe