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Companion Parrots Re-Homed

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Davey Patchy Sassy
No Name

Davey is an eight year old, male Cockatiel. This is his second visit to us, relinquished each time because the owner no longer had time for him. Davey is quite the flirt and is a wonderful, quiet bird. He likes other birds but would also be happy being the center of attention. Come meet this sweet guy who deserves a new home. Watch Video

Patchy is a male Cockatiel who is 11 years old. Due to severe allergies, he had to leave his home. Patchy is a very bold and opinionated 'tiel but loves to hang out with you. He is accustomed to showers and prefers his privacy at night, so covering is important. Watch Video

Sassy If you're looking for a pet that could cheer you up on the dreariest day, Sassy's your girl! This little 'tiel chirps, whistles, and tweets. Whatever she's saying, she's very sincere!

No Name This distinctively colored, Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel was found outdoors. She's a great flyer and is settling in nicely to life at CPR. Come meet her and give her a name and a home. Watch Video