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Patchy Luke Tiki & Dion

Doc and Miss Kitty March

Patchy is an 11-year-old, male, Pied Cockatiel. While he's shown some attitude in the past, he's working hard to be a great bird. He readily steps onto a tabletop perch and recently started stepping up onto the hand. Patchy likes to whistle and hang out with you and is just looking for a new home where he will be loved. Watch Video

Luke is male Cockatiel, who is approximately eight years old. His ideal life would be sitting on your shoulder and having his head scratched while you whistle back and forth to one another. Luke can imitate all sorts of whistles and especially 'cat calls'. Luke is returning to CPR at this time because his owners were no longer able to give him the time and attention he received before their son went off to college. Come meet him. Watch Video

Tiki & Dion Tiki (male) and Dion (female) are two elderly cockatiels that need to be adopted together. Their previous owner had to surrender them when she moved into an apartment that did not allow birds. They are both very sweet birds that are looking for some TLC in their new home. Watch Video of Tiki | Watch Video of Dion | Watch Video of Tiki and Dion

Doc and Miss Kitty Doc and Miss Kitty are two cockatiels named for the characters in the old television show Gunsmoke. Their ages are unknown. Their owner has had them for approximately five years. She was forced out of her home and unable to take them with her. They are the sweetest pair of birds and love to whistle and dance. They must be adopted together. Watch Video

March March is a young female Cockatiel who is less than a year old. Her former owner got her as a baby in November 2016, but was badly injured in a car accident and could no longer care for March. She's learning to chatter and is always eager to meet new people.