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Davey Patchy Chewy

Davey is an eight year old, male Cockatiel. This is his second visit to us, relinquished each time because the owner no longer had time for him. Davey is quite the flirt and is a wonderful, quiet bird. He likes other birds but would also be happy being the center of attention. Come meet this sweet guy who deserves a new home. Watch Video

Patchy is an 11-year-old, male, Pied Cockatiel. While he's shown some attitude in the past, he's working hard to be a great bird. He readily steps onto a tabletop perch and recently started stepping up onto the hand. Patchy likes to whistle and hang out with you and is just looking for a new home where he will be loved. Watch Video

Chewy is a beautiful 13 year old, White-face Cockatiel who joined CPR in August 2015 due to his owner's failing health. He had been in the same home all his life, after being purchased at a bird store. This sweet little boy has a lot to say, including "pretty bird", "you're pretty" and "give me a kiss". He even wolf whistles and imitates kissing sounds. Chewy is a special needs bird who lacks balance because he has no tail or primary feathers. His toes became deformed from compensating for this lack of balance, but he gets around easily in his special enclosure and will step up. This sweet bird will be a wonderful companion to someone who is willing to accommodate his disability. Watch Video

Luke is male Cockatiel, who is approximately eight years old. His ideal life would be sitting on your shoulder and having his head scratched while you whistle back and forth to one another. Luke can imitate all sorts of whistles and especially 'cat calls'. Luke is returning to CPR at this time because his owners were no longer able to give him the time and attention he received before their son went off to college. Come meet him. Watch Video