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Cody Captain Cook

Cody is 25 year-old, female Goffin's Cockatoo, who recently joined CPR when her owner could no longer care for her due to poor health. Cody lived in the same home all her life with another bird that was also surrendered to CPR, an Orange Wing Amazon named Dallas. Cody has lived in a home with cats and dogs and says "hello" and "Cody". She dances really well and can whistle up a storm. She's a really sweet bird. Watch Video

Captain Cook is a 29-year old, female, Citron Cockatoo who lived with the same family her whole life. Captain came to CPR when her previous owner became ill had could no longer keep her. Unfortunately, Captain Cook has some health issues and requires daily medication, but she eagerly takes it on a small piece of birdie bread. This sweet girl has a huge vocabulary, loves to chat with her friends, and she'll dance with you to music.