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Companion Parrots Re-Homed


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Kahlua is a female Hahn's Macaw, who's about 12 years old. She's lived at CPR since 2008, when she was surrendered with her "brother" Carpe (Blue Crowned Conure) because their owner didn't have time for them. They were adopted for a short while, but returned when their owners had to move. This little gal may not have all her feathers, and requires some supplemental heat, but she's not missing any personality. Kahlua is wonderfully trained and can play basketball, push toy cars across the table and has started to recognize colors. She can even do animal impressions. Carpe and Kahlua must be adopted together and are looking for a loving home where they can be safe and happy. Watch Video
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Cosmo is a 13 year old, male, Severe Macaw who is seeking a new home. Unfortunately, he started plucking after his owners divorced last year. Cosmo preferred his female owner, but stepped up for both of them and loved being out of his cage all day. Cosmo will laugh with you if you tell him something funny! Watch Video